Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mouli - on the blog!

Shyam was running to Mouli's room. Mouli is staying at the 1st floor of an apartment which is hardly 200 mtrs away from Shyam's room. Shyam ran to the door and stated knocking the door. He started with just knocking, then he changed the "mode" to kicking. At this time Mr. Mouli was performing his rituals to his all time favorite Kumbhakarna. Mouli had no clue about what was happening at his door, he kept sleeping..oops performing the ritual. Shyam got pissed off. He moved to the window and started hitting the window glasses. This time Mouli jumped from his bed thinking that the whole building was crashing down. It took 2-3 minutes for him to realize that everything was normal except someone knocking (kicking) the door. He asked himself "Who the hell is this, that too this early morning. Above all that was a Sunday and Mouli was really pissed off because he usually perform his "kumbhakarna seva" comfortably on Sunday mornings without any disturbances  (when he says "this early morning" what do you think? It was 11AM already then).

Mouli had decided to finish him off, whoever was there outside, he was killing him. The moment he opened the door, before he could even open his mouth, he had to close his ears. That "nice" were the words coming out from Shyam. What a way to start the day? Mouli was blessed. Shyam's words were so powerful that Mouli only asked "dude, whats up?". But Shyam realized that he was over acting. He felt little bad for Mouli. But he didn't show that. If he had shown that, Mouli would have said what Shyam did.

Mouli asked, "Why the hell did you scream like that, *(&;;%$^#@..? Shyam just said only one sentence, "that RASCAL is writing a blog and you're his main character". Mouli didn't have to think twice. From the word 'writing" that too Rascal, he got to know. He screamed, where is that *#$@;;^%%$^? Shyam was happy. He was smiling. His mission was accomplished. Mouli didn't even brush his teeth; he was storming towards my apartment.

And at this time, without knowing all those dramas, I was performing my version of Kumbhakarna Seva. They both reached near my gate and luckily the sound of they opening the gate was loud enough and Brooz started barking. (Brooz is my house owner's pet dog and we are friends.) I woke up and saw them entering the apartment. I suddenly had few 100s of butterflies in my stomach. I could sense the reason behind Mouli's "early" morning visit.

I shouldn't have given my laptop to Shyam without logging off from my FB account. That pig might have seen my posts. Whenever I posted something about my blog, I set the privacy that Mouli or Shyam does't see it. Moreover these  morons had no interest in FB those days. But anyways, I had no options but to get my ass kicked. As expected I heard the knocking (or say kicking) sounds at the door. I opened the door though I didn't want to, and trust me everything was really quick after that. In another few seconds I was on the floor and Mouli was performing all his "martial arts" skills on me. That "game" continued for 4-5 minutes. You may think that it was too short for a game, but Mouli knew better that I had plans for my future.

All these while that *&%$@# Shyam was taking all these as a video in his mobile with a smile. I wanted to crush that ****** like an ant. But Mouli did a great job and I couldn't even walk properly. I was murmuring, "I'll get your a** kicked someday soon"! Mouli was tired after the fighting session. Shyam was watching the video again and again, and was laughing his stomach out. He liked my expressions it seems.

I took my laptop out and connected to internet. I opened my blog and asked Mouli to take a look, because I knew that by then he also would've developed an interest in reading the post about him. Mouli took the laptop as if he was not interested . Seeing him looking at the screen, Shyam switched on the TV and I went to bathroom. For some reason, I did't want to be there in front of him when he was reading the blog (yeah...what if he start the martial art session all over again).

When I came out of the bathroom,, Shyam wasn't there. I asked Mouli where did he go, but he didn't respond. Mouli was keeping his head down and my laptop was there on the bed. I went to him, kept my hands on his shoulder and said, "I'm sorry buddy. I didn't mean to offend you but...". He got up and looked at me. His eyes were wet I saw. He said, "I'm sorry for hurting you. When Shyam told me that you wrote about me and that too on a blog, I thought you wrote something else. Something like our college life..or about my "friends" (I knew what he meant by friends there). You write well. Keep it up and I like your blog."

I took a deep breath as he stopped. I told him thanks and he left the room. I knew that he was going to continue his Kumbhakarna seva. I felt better. I even expected Mouli to take it seriously, but everything went well. As Mouli was crossing the road, I called him from my window and asked- "dude, do you know what would be next post?". He smiled and said, "about Shyam?". I laughed and said, "No, your college life and friends".

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