Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Dream that connected the dots!

It was a dream that connected everything so well like a nice movie. People say, that our dreams have connections with our activities on that day; the things which get registered in our brain will come as dreams. Uff..enough of scientific explanation! But once you read through this dream, you will get to know the reason why I explained this theory.

It was like any other Saturdays where I sleep through the day after the night shift and then eat and watch movies throughout the night. [Yes, night shift on weekends too.] Somewhere in the middle of that sleep, the dream has started flowing out of its hidden camp.

Not sure who informed me that, I got selected to Navodaya to do my M Sc Electronics. [Don't ask me when did they start PG courses in JNVs]. So as always, my mom took me to the school, sorry I meant Navodaya college and got the admission. Right after the office works my mom disappeared and I appeared in my dormitory [Appearing/disappearing is simple in dreams you know!]. I was so excited to be in the same exact hostel where spent my school years. People who know Pathanamthitta Navodaya would know Shivaji house or SANU 3. This is the exact same place where we spent our golden years of hostel life - class 9th to 12th and Joseph sir was our hostel master. But I'm not sure who is our hostel master this time.

So it was getting dark outside already and we all were hungry. When I say 'We', I don't remember seeing any of those faces before but they all had the same names as my friends Prabhu, Jai, Anoop, Biby etc. Again twist in the story, one big full bowl of rice with curries [don't ask me if it tasted like the JNV mess hall food - no comments] and we all sat together and had that. It was 8-9pm (I think so) and I had to sleep. I saw Biby's bed that was neatly kept with one of the same bedsheets he used in the school [Don't think that I have crazy memory, but there are few pages in memory wherein you'll remember each and every line].

I went to the other side of the dormitory where I had my bed. It was dark inside but I found the bed in a corner. I went near to my bed and I found my bag. But then I remembered me, I don't have a college bag [or is it a school bag?] or notebooks to attend the classes from the next day. But then I saw my old bag lying in the corner. Again, please don't ask me how did that bag managed to stay there for these many years. I took that bag and saw HCL logo on that. Oh this is Atul's bag..!! See its crazier now; Atul is my colleague and I haven't even met him in my dreams when I was in school but he gave me a bag..that's a wow!

I arranged my bed and sat on that hoping to have a nice sleep. I was already missing my home. I just took my phone and answered few watsapp messages. Oh crap! We weren't supposed to use mobile phones in this campus, but I saw a smiling face through the window of a building next to the road. I could easily recognize him - Joseph sir. I knew he was on his way to get my phone, I was sacred! I couldn't afford to lose my phone for 2yrs and I decided to hide it.

For all Navodayans, the best place to hide something is at the shelves in our wing [each dormitory has 4 segments of rooms called wings]. I was shivering while I was searching for a safe place to keep my mobile. Then, I felt somebody's presence behind and I knew I was caught. I just turned back expecting an angry face, BUT I saw my friend standing there saying Hi. He had his dad with him and his dad was leaving after getting my friend's admission done. I took a deep breath and said Hi to both of them. His dad said, 'I have an urgent task at home and I'm leaving'. My friend interrupted his dad and told me, 'no urgent task, be has his matriculation exam today'. I smiled and wished him all the best. [It was 8-9PM already and I don't know how many schools conduct exam at that time. If my guess is correct, that uncle is above 50 and he was writing his matriculation, so no wonder the exam had such odd timings.]

Suddenly my phone rang and it was a watsapp message. [I know..the phone was switched off but it still rang.] It was Narayan, my collegue at Infosys and I read his message "Dude, when will u guys wake up?". [Don't worry about the plural form there, he included my room mate in his question too]. I started typing the reply and I realized that I was not at my hostel anymore..I was lying on my bed here at Hyderabad. That was the end of that dream.

Now you know how deep rooted is Navodaya and its memories in all of us and not sure if Science can explain this.