Tuesday, November 6, 2012

He who believed!

He was born like any other baby with a cry. Now don't ask me who that baby is, not me for sure! Let me tell you why did he cry. When he was being created, Mr.God told him- "Dear, I'm sending you to earth in a while and the moment you are 'unpacked', make the world feel your presence with a cry". He asked. "huh, you want me to cry? but why?".

God replied: "Dear, that's the 'custom' we follow and that's the only point when your mom feels better seeing you cry and I'd try to keep you smiling thereafter". He believed his creator and he cried when he was unpacked but he didn't know.

He was growing up (yeah naughty as expected) and he started eating "solid" food as well. One day  his mom was feeding him and when he refused to eat she said, "Dear, if you eat this last mouth of bread, I'll get you that "Uncle Moon". He felt happy and had that bread. Soon he realized that there were more pieces waiting to be stuffed that too for the same Uncle-moon-reason. He believed his mom but he didn't know.

He was walking with his dad on the side of the road. For a moment he wanted to feel the power of freedom (great thought huh..?). He left his dad's finger which he had been holding since they started. But the moment he left the finger he was holding, his dad carried him in his hand and said: "Dear, don't leave my hand and go. All the vehicles you see out there are to hit you". He believed his dad, but he didn't know.

He was in his teenage and that was his first day in 10th class. He heard his teacher telling, "Dear Children, you are here to study, study and study. The only thing you do in your life is studying and scoring marks in exams". He believed his teacher but he didn't know.

He did score well and got into a reputed college. On the first day, he heard the same thing again, "Guys, your only responsibility is to study and score high". But he heard something new as well; from the principal, "Guys, if you don't score high, no one is going to give you a job". He even heard his HOD preaching: "getting a job and earning money is everything". He believed his principal as well as his HOD, but he didn't know.

I told you, he was in his teenage and it was obvious that he fell in love (age problem huh?). His girl friend (he was blushing..) told him, by taking his hand in hers, "Dear, I hear people saying that the world is going to end in 2012, but I swear I'll be with you at least till the world ends". He believed her but he didn't know.

It was his joining day in a BIG company, a company which he had seen only in news and dreams before. He was on cloud nine. He called his mom and he could imagine her happy tears. Everything was new to him, he did his best in training (people call it honey moon period..). It was his first day on the floor; there came his manager to address all the new-hires  The manager said: "Guys, welcome to the corporate world (huh..will this world also end in 2012..?). Here client is the God. If you can make the client happy, you are safe..blah blah blah...and finally the ultimate aim of each one is to have a  career goal and grow accordingly. All the best". He believed his manager but he didn't know.

That day, he was exhausted after a long session in office (he was impressing his clients I believe) and was walking to his room. He was feeling lonely and called almost everyone in his contact list. All were either busy or "out of reach". He called his mom ( ironically he dialed her at the last) and she picked the call at the very moment asking him "I was waiting for your call! How are you my son, why do you sound little different, are you fine?". He didn't say anything, instead just disconnected the call. He was completely moved (anything can happen over a call..).  He just started walking out of his room, not knowing where exactly he was heading to. 

Soon he found himself in a park. He sat under a tree. (Note: He is not Mr.Buddha and the tree he chose to sit under is not the Bodhi tree.) He started recollecting all those faces that passed through his life, starting from the nurse who "unpacked" him, till the cab driver who dropped him in room on that day. Though he couldn't recollect the face of Mr.God, he could remember what God told him when was being created about the "custom" of first cry. Did He say that it would be the last cry? No, He didn't. My bad, for expecting life to be fair always", he thought. Yes, he definitely had missed the smile on Mr.God's face thinking- "Dear, its a practice more than a custom".

"My mom, how can she even tell a  lie (or a false promise?) just to make me eat?" he asked himself. He has learnt that few guys have even managed to go to uncle-moon but never heard any mom getting it for her kid. He smiled and remembered Gita (not a girl huh..Bhagavat Gita) which says, "if telling a lie saves a valuable life, one should not tell the truth". Yes my life was valuable to her and she did lie to me!

He was not bothered much about the time. It was 7 PM and usually he would've been in front of the TV or with his laptop by then. But he was not interested in anything except recollecting the faces. But the loud shrilling sounds of weird horns brought him back to his senses (was he senseless till then .? yeah I guess so). Seeing a car being parked near the park he remembered his dad's words, "..all vehicles are to hit you". Was he true? Was that true only in 90s? He was wondering. He owned a bike but he had never hit anyone with that. He heard so many news about accidents which made him believe his dad's words. But still was that true for all vehicles on the road. Gita came again: "if telling a lie saves a valuable life, one should not tell the truth".

Now it was his mobile that brought him back to senses. He saw his mom calling. She should be worried for hanging up the call without answering her questions. He said himself, looking at the phone, "I love you mom". Talking to her for sometime brought a sense of relief to him. He realized that he is not alone when he has his mom around. 

His eyes were wet. He got up from the park from where he got the "enlightenment". On the way back to room, he was thinking about his work life. He is doing a decent but routine job in a Multi National Company. He is getting paid enough to enjoy his life and he is happy (crazy guy huh..how can someone be happy with their salary?)! He remembered his teachers telling about the importance of exams and marks. "Yes they did help me, but when did someone ask me my percentages?", he thought. He couldn't recollect any instances where the HR was bothered more about his percentages than his "skill set". But they were true (they didn't have an option either way). "Karma could be both the activities of the body or the mind, irrespective of the consideration whether the performance brings fruition immediately or at a later stage", Gita says and he knew that his 'decent' job is the fruit of his schooling and college days.

The word college that flashed in his memory brought a smiling face in his mind. It was of his love (crush..people say). She was beautiful like a princess (as if he had seen many princesses before..). He remembered the days they spent together, the conversations they had, above all, the promises they exchanged. She was promised to be with him till the end. But she left him for a better reason; she was a better daughter than a lover. She decided to see him crying instead of her parents doing it. He thought his world would end well before 2012, but he had no option but to move on and he did. They are good friends now and she calls him every once in a while to complaint about anything that happens in her day! He is happy for what ever happened. Gita says, "Learn to be detached and to take joy in renunciation. Do not get angry or harm any living creature, but be compassionate and gentle; show good will to all. Cultivate vigor, patience, will, purity; avoid malice and pride. Then, you will achieve your destiny". Here is his destiny.

He reached his room after his dinner which he had on the way from the park. The first thing he did was to call his mom. He dialed her number which was just edited to ".Mom" so that it will show up at the top, and it started ringing on the other side. As always, she picked the call immediately and said hello. He didn't know what to tell her, and kept quite for a while. He felt his tears running down his cheeks; he said with so much of love and regret (huh..regret?): "Mom, I love you!". He didn't want to imagine her feelings at that moment because he knew that she would be in tears..happy tears! He was indeed talking to his creator - God could not be everywhere and therefore He made mothers. 

Now, at the last, let me tell you, he is Chandra Mouli and he loves his Mom more than anyone else!