Thursday, November 8, 2012

This girl is gifted!

What is your IQ? Any idea? But I can definitely tell you that yours will be much lower than that of Jasmine Malhotra (you may call her Jazz). And you know how old is she? 20? 30? No, she just three-and-half. She has an intelligent quotient (IQ) higher than that of Napoleon, Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and Sigmund Freud. She solves puzzles with ease and recites mathematical tables like ABC.

Though she is like any other normal kid, her intelligence quotient (IQ) level is exemplary and even higher than that of the greats.

In three different clinical psychology tests performed, her IQ was found to be 166 with mental and social age of a six-year-old kid. Three universally accepted tests namely Binet Kamat test, Seguin Form Board and Vineland Social Maturity Scale were conducted on her. However, she has to wait to complete five years of age for a Mensa test which all big brains went through.

Ajay Sharma, consultant clinical psychologist of Jazz told TOI, "She is an exceptionally gifted child with creative thinking. The results are surprising. Her IQ level will increase till the age of 15. We will go for Mensa test once she becomes eligible for it after attaining five years of age. She has the potential to achieve excellence but in such cases parents should take proper care."

Her parents had visited him after they noticed her hyperactivities, he added. Sharma elaborated further saying that the tests performed are reliable enough and in India kids with such high IQ are hardly found.

Meanwhile, her parents Vivek and Suruchi Malhotra are happy but also facing hard times because of her keen observation and high energy. They are planning to send an application to the Guinness Book of World Record. Jazz has solved more than 200 puzzles till now and recites mathematics table up to seven with ease. Initially the Malhotras were not aware about her unusual intelligence till her pre-primary school teachers told them about it.

"We are amazed to see her energy level and the activities at this age. She has solved several puzzles that we ordered from the US and has a sharp memory. She remembers tables up to seven. This was unusual for a normal kid so we have stopped teaching her new tables. Her teachers told us to get her IQ checked, which is very high," said Vivek.

Meanwhile, her mother is busy surfing the internet to learn about children with high IQs so that she can reach up to her expectations. She said, "I have never seen her crying. She already knows a lot. To handle her, I have to do a lot of preparations. She knows addition and subtraction, which generally kids of Montessori level don't know."

Her teachers too have noticed her grasping power. Raveena Sachdeva, who runs a Montessori school where Jazz studies, said, "She grasps things very fast. In group activities, she is in a commanding position. We haven't seen a KG kid of such age group reciting table up to seven. Students of first standard are introduced to table of seven."

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